Ecoclean Avanti’s spray wash cleaner (Turbo clean Plus) with the guts to really clean alloy. It’s unique, super-concentrated formula cleans aluminium in minutes at less than half the concentration usually required with standard alkaline spray wash cleaners. Trialled in engine reconditioning & auto transmission shops for months before release, Turbo Clean Plus is an immediate time and money saver wherever it has been used.

Turbo Clean Plus clean head TCS 05 27 05 2004

EcoClean Avanti Chemicals… specialist in keeping your aircraft clean

Henkel provides a wide variety of cleaners for the aviation and aerospace industry under Turco, Bonderite and Loctite brands.  This array of products is based upon neutral, acid or alkaline systems designed to fit the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry.  The products are typically used in immersion tanks, spray or brush applications. Aircraft appearance […]